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Used Trucks

February 16, 2022


Top 3 Reasons When it Makes Sense to Buy Used Trucks

Tosha Missel, PacLease Marketing Specialist

When it comes to buying used trucks, you can get a lot of bang for your buck. However, older trucks tend to need more maintenance and have more miles. At PacLease, these trucks have been regularly maintained by some of the best technicians in the industry with many trucks in our aggressive maintenance programs.

The question you might be thinking is when does it make sense to buy used trucks?

  1. You are a new company with limited capital.

You may have been driving for a while and want to own your own rig or start your own business. Historically speaking, most owner-operators often start their career behind the wheel of a used truck. Starting your own company can get expensive when looking at new trucks. Purchasing a used truck will reduce the initial expense.

  1. You regularly run routes with high mileage.

Your planned routes may quickly make your odometer creep up, and it makes more sense to toss those miles onto a high-quality late model used truck. PacLease trucks tend to offer conservatively used or lower mileage vehicles than what is generally found in the overall used truck market.

  1. Your fleet may be in the market for a backup or standby vehicle.

Many trucking companies know that it is important to have a backup vehicle in the event that one or more fleet vehicles are down. There can also be times when the maintenance queue builds up or a replacement part takes longer to arrive. When your fleet experiences growing pains or takes on less experienced drivers, consider adding used trucks to wisely manage your growth.

When you are ready for a late model used truck, PacLease has you covered with premium Kenworth and Peterbilt trucks coming off lease. PacLease used truck experts can help you find a quality used truck outfitted with the latest technology that is matched to your operations and spec’d to handle your region’s terrain.

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