PacTrainer helps fleets prepare drivers for the road.

PacTrainer is an internet based training course program, which offers an extensive catalogue of videos, presentations, printable material and practical tests to provide remote training for drivers.

  • Enhance driver awareness of safety and regulatory compliance.
  • Provide access to quality, relevant and current training content.
  • Accessible online platform available 24/7.

PacTrainer offers the following two training options.

Video Training offers:

  •  Access to an extensive video library including instructor guides, presentations, image libraries, classroom handouts, and quizzes.

Interactive/Online Training offers:

  • Access to internet based training courses that can be assigned to specific drivers, or groups of drivers, to be completed online. Training can be assigned according to drivers' expertise, safety scores, or depending on seasonal and road conditions. The interactive training includes videos, animations, printable forms, manuals, and a culminating exam to support driver learning experience. The subscription includes access to different reports to track drivers' training activity.