PacTrac Telematics

PacTrac Telematics Systems provide instant information to help you increase fleet productivity.

Vehicle Intelligence: PacTrac Telematics Systems give you real-time access to valuable information about your fleet and drivers, allowing for better fleet management and improved efficiency.

Driver Performance: Every PacTrac Telematics System comes equipped with an advanced onboard computer that tracks various driver events, including safety-related events which are critical for accident reconstruction.

Streamlined Reporting: The PacTrac Telematics System helps ensure data accuracy and removes paper-intensive processes through the automated collection and communication of trip-sheet data.

Performance Reporting: With the PacTrac Telematics System, you can manage key driver and vehicle performance metrics with on-demand or scheduled reports, dashboards, and scorecards through PacTrac’s online web-hosted fleet management tool.

24/7 Visibility: PacTrac’s online web-based fleet management tool allows fleet managers and service managers access to information anytime, anywhere you connect to the internet.

Universal Coverage: Thanks to a reliable network of over 100 wireless carriers across the United States and Canada, the PacTrac telematics system keeps fleets connected with their drivers and vehicles.