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October 22, 2019


Need to Rent a Truck? PacLease Has You Covered.

PacLease Late Model Rentals at Your Service

For some the name PacLease is synonymous with full service commercial truck leasing, but that’s only one aspect of our business and story.  PacLease Truck Rental and Leasing is capable of so much more.  The “rental” part of our name can be easily over looked, but…did you know that PacLease offers local delivery trucks, as well as late model, high-quality Peterbilt and Kenworth trucks for regional and national use? From growth opportunities resulting from fleet expansion, or the seasonal flux that has you scrambling for extra trucks, PacLease Truck Rental and Leasing provides your fleet with relief when you need it most.  And many of our locations even rent hard-to-find vocational trucks – such as dump trucks and roll-offs.

According to Jeff Susca, PacLease’s Rental Development Manager, rental customers have unique needs and reasons to rent. “We have seasonal customers – like those in the agricultural industry during the harvest season,” he says. “Or, we might have a customer who has a truck in the shop and needs a short-term replacement. Other times, they get a new contract or route that needs to start up right away, and a rental truck is an easy solution to keep their business moving while they shop for a new truck, or are awaiting a new truck to be delivered.  Still other renters see an uptick in business that may or may not turn into steady business. In those cases, a rental makes great sense. Rentals provide flexibility since you get a late model truck, and shorter-term options. We also have customers who just like to rent – they want no risk at all in terms of truck ownership, or in having a multi-year commitment with leasing.”

If you’re looking for a rental truck, here are a few things to consider:   

Age of the Rental Trucks:

Even if you plan to rent on the short-term, you should get a rental unit that will perform best in your operation – you don’t need to compromise. Look for late model trucks to help ensure the truck is reliable and features the latest technology to improve fuel economy, and driver comfort.

Best Specs for Local Terrain:

Look for rental trucks that are spec’d by local rental experts designed for conditions and applications in your market. Some rental companies offer the same rental trucks throughout the country, with the same specs. But, a truck driver in Florida has a different terrain to navigate than one in Colorado.  As an example, if you live in areas with hills and mountains, make sure you have the horsepower and torque to make driving more efficient and productive. What’s more, if you have a specialized operation, your local rental company might not have the perfect truck on the lot – but someone in their network, might. It’s not uncommon for a PacLease franchise to bring in a special rental truck that works better for their customer’s application.

Reliability and Peace of Mind

Is your rental truck going to be reliable, and what happens if there is a problem on the road? That’s an important question. A well-maintained truck is a must and that’s the most important component in renting a reliable truck. That being said, trucks are mechanical and they can break down. If that happens, how will your rental company respond? You need to count on your rental company to provide immediate assistance -- finding another truck or resolving any issues so you can complete your delivery.

Give Rentals a Test Drive

A growing trend we’re finding, and encouraging, is having potential lease customers rent before they lease. You test drive a car before you buy it. The same approach works well for leasing. You should rent the truck you’re interested in leasing; see how well the lease/rental company takes care of that equipment and you; and how well your drivers like the truck. It takes the risk out of the commitment and helps a fleet make a smart business decision.

With over 500 locations throughout the US and Canada, PacLease Truck Rental and Leasing has a large rental pool and its trucks are offered at affordable daily, weekly and multi-month rental rates. And, PacLease’s rental fleet is growing to better serve our customers.  Check out our options and find out more about the Rental side of PacLease here:


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